Smart house and home automation have been quite ubiquitous buzzwords for some years now. Home owners and businesses have been warming up to the concept of controlling their office or living room lights' intensity and color or adjusting temperature in their house from a central panel or wirelessly. But home automation goes beyond simply controlling lights or shades.

Today's technology provides affordable means for monitoring your house not only from within the house confines, but from anywhere in the world. And not only using a desktop or laptop computer, but right from your smart phone via apps written for your specific system.

LED wireless lights like change the color range, turn them off or on from the office. If you install a Wink hub you can group lights together, dim them and control them from anywhere where there is an internet or cellular signal with a smart phone. You have thermostats for the heat and air system which you can manage from great distances to keep pets and family comfortable. Indoor / outdoor security cameras can be monitored from out of state or halfway around the world using your smart phone. Smoke and CO2 alarms can be programmed to send an alert to your smart phone.

The sky is the limit when it comes to home automation!