Structure Hardening ProgramStructure Hardening Grants Program

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink Grant Program can help supplement some of the costs of getting your home into a more “fire safe” condition. Here is a quick list of the projects that they will pay you to complete.

Structure Hardening Activities are conducted by Home owner or contractor and eligible expenses for approved grant activities occur during the 2016 Grant Program work period January 2 thru July 15, 2016.

To be awarded a grant and receive reimbursement through this program, the project site address must be posted in compliance with County Consolidated Fire Code 505.1. Residential property must have a visible address placed at appropriate locations to be plainly visible and legible from the street or roadway fronting the property from either direction of approach. Numbers shall contrast with the background or be reflective, and are a minimum of 4” high with a ½” stroke size.

To be awarded a grant and receive reimbursement through this program based upon the location of your property, compliance with the San Diego County or San Diego City Building Code and Building Permit Requirements must be met for the project and State and Local Fire Codes1 (Defensible Space) must be met.

Complete information about San Diego City Building Development Services is at:

Complete information about San Diego County Building code is at:
Phone: 858-565-5920

MANUFACTURED HOMES: If you are the owner of a manufactured home you must contact the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development as they are the enforcement agency for alterations to manufactured homes. For more information regarding HCD alteration permit requirements and fees, please contact them at: 951-782-4420 (Southern Area/Riverside, CA). Link to HCD MH 604 (Manufactured Home Alterations and Permit Guidelines):

Please contact the appropriate building department (City if your home is within San Diego City limits, or County of San Diego) for specifics about your home construction and fire code building retrofit construction you will need. The grants program staff cannot answer questions about your home construction.

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