Renovation: To take something old, possibly worn out, and make it new! Rebuild something that is falling apart and make it structurally sound. To make a brand new space out of an old, used portion of the home.

Whatever your home looks like, whatever condition it is in we can make it more structurally sound and beautiful just by repairing the home’s envelope. By applying new stucco, installing new asphalt composition roofing shingles, lightweight roofing tile or new torch down mineral roofing paper we can make your home’s envelope impenetrable to water intrusion.

At Kellio and Son’s Construction we only use the best products when it comes to renovating your home. Take for example, your home’s outside envelope, we only use Tyvek building wrap to shield your home from destructive elements. Tyvek wrap was developed by DuPont industries for use by NASA in space.

So whatever project you have in mind let us suggest the right approach for your kitchen, bath or many other of your home’s potential renovations. Your home is your biggest investment so why not protect it!