When planning an extra room in your home there are many things to consider. A couple first round questions would be what will the room be used for and who will be using it. Are ADA requirements required to help an older occupant or disabled person function in their daily routine? Are any special window, ventilation, lighting or flooring requirements needed?

From the very start of the process an accurate plan detailing the entire project is paramount. It is so important to not only get off on the right start but plans help both the owner and the contractor determine the budget for the project.

Care must be taken in designing the foundation which supports your framing and ultimately protects you and your home. Correct footing size, steel placement, steel columns and concrete batch design all work together to accomplish this goal. Soil and foundation considerations too are another step in getting your new room addition right.

Many people are now discovering that they are sensitive to varies building products. Careful consideration will result in a finished product that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. There are many environmentally-friendly material to choose from; insulation, drywall, floor coverings, cabinets and other structural materials to name a few. Using Green Building products and making smart choices is a good way to start any building project or room addition.

Adding new energy-efficient wood, vinyl or fiberglass dual-glazed windows will not only add beauty to your home but save you money on heating and cooling costs. Old windows leak air and transfer heat causing your heating and cooling system to work longer and harder.