Every woman's dream is to have a clean, functional kitchen. Appliance choices, cabinets, sink and faucets, islands and overhead lighting all figure into this equation. Too small a pantry or corner cabinets that are hard to reach are examples of poor planning. Our team from the beginning will work with you to help you decide what best fits your needs.

When guests come into your kitchen, the first things that they will notice are your cabinets and countertops. Cabinets come custom made to fit or can be assembled in modules. Wood and finish choices range from paint and stain grade to stainless steel. Having a realistic budget for cabinets will help focus your search in the right direction.

Correct use of overhead LED recessed lighting and under cabinet LED lighting will both add accents and illuminate countertops and center islands. One important design consideration, to keep in mind, is that the sink, cook top and the refrigerator form a functional work triangle.

Using wood, tile or natural stone flooring adds a rich, warm natural feel and is easy to keep clean. Sealing countertop stone and natural stone flooring is often overlooked by many home builders. By simply applying the correct penetrating sealing product most stains and blemishes can be prevented.

Countertop choices including granite, tile, concrete, wood and solid surface laminates vary to satisfy your individual taste. We work closely with you by providing samples during the design process to help you decide which direction is best for you and your family.