Correct placement of trees and shrubs can not only be an aesthetically pleasing design but using the wrong tree in the wrong area can easily damage your home’s foundation, sidewalks and driveway with an out-of-control invasive root system. What looked good in a 1 gallon can at Home Depot might turn into a root growing octopus sending large roots under the footing of your house or into the pipes of your waste and drainage systems.

Properly placed and sized plants can add a measure of privacy, security, comfort as well as pleasing to the eye as the seasons continue to pass bringing beautiful fall colors to your yard. In years of drought zeroscape drip irrigation, rock and hardscape placement as well as drought tolerant plants will save you money when it’s time to pay your water bill.

Just as in designing a home the first step in any successful landscape project is to draw a plan. From paper we can adjust sidewalks, sitting areas, streams and ponds as well as mark out energy saving LED outdoor waterproof lighting. An automatic irrigation system is the only way to keep your plants watered and looking their best! We only recommend using Irritrol automatic sprinkler valves and Hardy products for use in valve-control time clocks to do this job.