Maintenance-free decks and railings with low-voltage riser lights. The owner of this deck will only have to turn the water hose on to maintenance this deck. The riser lights with their subtle glow are beautiful as well as functional adding a layer of safety to this outdoor living space. Additional considerations might include a cooking area, spa, patio cover and hanging garden. Patio covers can be constructed rainproof, partial shade or combination of both. A brick patio space might include a fireplace complete with gas igniter and cooking grill.

Patio hardscapes can include stepping stones, sidewalks of stamped concrete, block walls and fountains. These elements add durability and an old world feel to any outdoor patio.

A partial shade patio cover was just installed so that the owner could grow luxurious orchids which needed protection from the sunlight. Other cover considerations might include rain, snow or wind. Protecting a patio space from the elements allows owners and their guests to enjoy it year round.