If you are thinking about an outdoor grill, sink, cooking area or fire pit to entertain around in the backyard, there will be some underground water, waste, gas and electric lines to bury before and install before you begin your project. If you are remodeling an old shower / tub then you will need a new Moen mixing valve and trim kit to be installed behind the wall before the tile and new wallboard goes in.

Many times “do it yourself” projects can turn south into mini disasters where you end up calling a professional to repair damage you have caused to your own home. It’s very important to let experienced plumbers and electricians complete all your plumbing and electrical needs. An improperly installed or wired electrical circuit can cause a fatality or start a catastrophic house fire. So make a smart choice and call us to help you complete your “do it yourself” projects before they “do it” to you!

Here are some things we can help you out with: