Building a new home from the ground up takes planning. The building site will dictate the size, shape and window-door orientation. As the General Contractor we work hand in hand with both the owner-builder and the home’s designer-architect to ensure that all design aspects will work with both the interior living spaces and exterior building site.

Your home’s floor plan is the place to begin the process by designing from the inside out. Seeing your home’s layout on paper is the first step. A rough floor plan helps to put all bedrooms and bathrooms in the right locations for both resident and guest traffic. The right kitchen location, appliances and cabinets are essential to produce a beautiful as well as functional kitchen space.

The home’s exterior will be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the home’s building site and climate zone. An outside covered deck around the entire back of the house allows a private, peaceful area in which to relax out of the weather. Clay or lightweight concrete roofing tiles provides both a fireproof and waterproof exterior.

The right stone, exposed concrete aggregate or stucco will finish off the outside of the home while adding the right Mediterranean, Spanish or old California Ranch / Mission feel to the home’s architecture. Here is a list of items to consider for your new home.