When purchasing a new or used home, many times the interior floor plan needs to be modified to suit the needs of the new owner. Maybe a larger master bathroom, bathroom or home office is all it would take to make your dreams come true. Constructing a new kitchen island, living room or wine storage can provide family and friends great room in which to entertain and relax.

One of our jobs, as your general contractor is to know where all the structural bearing walls are located in your home as we work together to design new interior spaces. Locating where existing plumbing and electrical is will further help you when planning a new bathroom, laundry room or wet bar. A little knowledge up front will save you time and money down the line.

Remodeling your existing house will also save you time and money in not having to search for and purchase another home. The process allows you to update old appliances, floor covering, electrical and plumbing to ensure a proper functioning home. Having a professional design and remodel your home will avoid catastrophic floods and fires as all work will be properly designed, installed and inspected.