Life is too busy with all its hustle and bustle and at the end of a hard day you need to relax. The family spa is the place to be a private space where one can unwind. From an enclosed indoor Jacuzzi tub to a luxurious outdoor spa water therapy is known to be therapeutic and healing to many stress related diseases.

This luxurious black Jacuzzi tub positioned in this bay window allows the bather to bask in the natural sunlight. The tile is black marble with a white strawberry marble accent strip. The spa to the right is complete with its own sauna and indoor space where its owners find them soaking after a hard day on the nearby ski slopes.

Here in Southern California we can enjoy the use of outdoor pools, spas and lap pools anytime of the day or night. Properly installed and maintained pools, spas and saunas can give you many years of relaxation and use throughout our temperate seasons. Call for a free estimate today and get soaking in your own hydrotherapy tub!