Walking on real pieces of Arizona flagstone makes you feel more connected to the outdoors. The puzzle fit is an appealing way to lay out stone. There are many shades of color to choose from ranging from light tan to black slate. Stone also wears very well over time and can be refreshed through a simple inexpensive process of acid washing.

Pre manufactured block, Eldorado stone, clay brick, and real stones are ageless and add a real solid centerpiece to any hardscape landscaping design. They can be regular concrete block with an outer stucco texture applied or manufactured to look like real river run rock. Whatever project you can think of building with rock and stone is at the top of the charts!

Block and bricks can be used inside on walls, fireplaces, floors and countertops. They go really well outside in building winding paths, patios, fire pits, screen walls, pools and fountains. Block and bricks come in a myriad of shapes, colors and purpose. Most houses you see in Sunset or country Living magazines utilize all of these products in some way both inside and out!