Concrete is an incredible substance. Nobody knows for sure who was the first to form and pour with it, however, credit is usually given to the Roman Empire. The Romans built bridges, aqueducts, stadiums, theaters and roadways with concrete and some are still standing to this day. It’s also been proven that concrete takes 100 years to cure and reach its maximum strength.

Today we can build anything from a garden lawn curb to a sports coliseum with steel reinforced concrete. Most homes are built on foundations that are made of concrete. Some homes have concrete slabs covering the entire footprint of the home.

What some builders have discovered is that the slab can be poured and stamped with rubber molds mimicking stone, rock or any other texture you can think of. The surface can then be stained with color to finish off the illusion.

I’ve installed a concrete “Boardwalk” sidewalk and when it was finished it was hard to tell that it was not made up of wooden planks. I have also installed a “used brick” look which, after staining with 3 to 4 colors, has the texture that just pops out at you! It’s a beautiful, elegant look and, if finished correctly, is just as real as the original.

So it’s possible to bring Disneyland into your own back yard. There is no limit to color or texture. The secret is in the sealing of the surface color. Application of the correct sealer and keeping up on maintenance will keep your stamped concrete looking beautiful for years to come! Call us for a quote and soon you’ll be enjoying your own cobblestone patio.